In the table below, are some problems that you may encounter and how to fix them.

Problem Solution
You might find that the glue on your finger sets the wrong way, so you may have to start again. If this is the case, then get the hot glue gun and melt the glue. Then try and scrape it out with something while it is still melted. This strategy worked the best.
You may find that when you are looking at the Serial Monitor and you can't see any numbers. If this is the case, then double check that the baud, is on 9600 and not any other number.
You may find that your code isn't uploading to Nano-Board. Make sure that the setting in tools and board, is Nano, not Arduino. After changing this, it should worked.
You may find that your code isn't working or being uploaded to the Arduino or Nano-Board. If this happens, then check your spelling. Capitals and punctuation matter greatly on the coding program.
You might find that your micro servo keeps moving the wrong way. If this occurs there is an easy fix! Just take of the top part and rotate it so that the finger can return back to normal.
You might find that the calibration is not working between the flex sensor code and the servo code. To fix this make sure all numbers of analogue pins are the same. E.g. A6 was a line of code for the flex sensor and the servo code had A9. Change this so they are both the same.
You might find that your code is not working and there is no connection. If this is the case, then make sure the wires for the Flexi Strip and Micro Servo are connected to the right pin on the board. Check this with your code to see what pin you need to attach them too. And remember that the brown wire goes to the GND pin.