Some of the Materials here may not be used, but is is helpful to have them handy incase af an emergency; for example tape.

- Glove (You will wear this on your hand as the Flex Sensor will be attached to it).

- Tape (This will be used to hold equipment together).

- Clear Fishing Wire (This will be used to pull your finger closed and open).

- Flexible Plastic Sheet (This will act as your finger joints).

- 4x Batteries (Need to be AA 1.5v). (This will power your finger).

- Battery Holder (Minimum of 4 compartments). (This will hold your batteries for you).

- Wooden Plank (30cm by 8cm). (this is where you will glue your finger and other components to).

- Hot Glue and Gun (You will use this to combine your final components).

- 3D Printed Finger Parts (This will act as your finger).

- Flexi Strip (This will control how much your finger moves).

- Servo (This will move as a result of the Flex Sensor).

- Arduino Board (This is what you will start coding on).

- Arduino Cord (Needs to be able to plug into a computer USB compartment).

- Nano Board (This will be used to control your finger. It will be glued to the wooden plank).

- Nano Board Cord (Needs to be able to plug into a computer USB compartment).

- 5x Aligator Wires (Minimum to be safe).

- 2x Jumper Cables (This will connect the flex sensor to the arduino board).

Click the link below for where to find Materials.

- Flexi Strip

- Arduino Board

- Servo

- Aligator Clips and Wires

- Arduino Cord

- Nano-Board

- Jumper Cords

- Rubber Glove

- Plastic Sheet

Click the link below for Arduino and Nano Board Substitutes.


Servo Flex Strip Nano-Board Wooden Plank/Board Batteries Battery Container Finger - Parts and Plastic Jumper Cable Aligator Clips and Wires Glove Fishing Wire Plastic Sheet Hot Glue and Gun