~About Bionic Fingers~

Why is it Important that we have Bionic Limbs?

When a person or animal loses a limb, the rehabilitation can be extremely difficult to over come. This can affect someone's health, physically and mentally. It is the simplest things, like tying your hair up or brushing your teeth, that become daily struggles and challenges, leading to frustration and misery. Bionic and prosthetic limbs can greatly assist people and animals by improving their quality of life. They make the amputee incredibly more comfortable, as well as it helping with practicalities. This is why it is important that we have and build bionic limbs. We need to help these people get back on their feet and continue life as normally as possible.

What will you be Building?

What you will be building is a Bionic Finger. It is fairly simply and will require some patients and persistence. There are stages where it can be somewhat frustrating as you just want to send that code, or move that finger! Just wait... we'll get there. There are two main steps to this project: Coding and Construction. Within those two sections, there will be other minor jobs for you to complete so that you can build your finger. If you follow the instructions and use this website thoroughly, then I can guarantee a beautiful Bionic Finger to call your own. Have fun building!

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